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Reducing Costs in Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities

Structural Steel Erection For The Skeleton Of Modern Luxury Home Designs

by Gabe Lawrence

If you are planning on building a modern luxury home, there are a lot of options to consider for the design. Sometimes, these features have long spans or more of a contemporary architecture style. This means that structural steel may need to be erected for the skeleton of the design. The following structural steel erection information will help you with building the skeleton that is needed for the design of your luxury home:

Designing Footings with Features for Structural Steel

The design of a luxury home with structural steel should start with the footing beams. These are the concrete beams in the foundation that will support loads of the steel skeleton. When the footings are made, they need to have elements like fasteners and other features that will be needed for the structural steel erection.

Using Structural Steel to Support Long Open Spans

There are often open-concept designs in modern luxury homes. The problem is that conventional lumber materials can only span a certain length. Therefore, structural steel is often needed to span the open design features. The steel can be specific features like beams or more of a skeleton for other features in your new luxury home's design.

Structural Steel Features to Support a Custom Roof Design

The structural steel skeleton can also be erected to support a custom roof design. This can be a contemporary flat roof or heavier roofing materials like tile. If you are going to be building a luxury home with a clay tile roof, the steel features can support the heavy roofing materials. The steel can be the main structural support where conventional wood materials are not strong enough to support the tile roof.

Using a Structural Steel Skeleton for a Storm-Resistant Design

If you want your new custom home to have a more durable design, structural steel could be the right answer. The steel skeleton can be used to create a more storm-resistant design for your home. This skeleton can be used for all the exterior walls and to support the roof. Structural steel can also be used to build a room inside your home to keep your family safe during storms or other events.

The erection of structural steel needs to be done before conventional wood framing when building a custom luxury home. Contact structural steel erectors to help with planning and erecting the skeleton that will support the new home. A structural steel erection company can provide additional information.