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Reducing Costs in Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities

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Reducing Costs in Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities

Keys To Getting The Most Out Of Truck Service Bodies

by Gabe Lawrence

A lot of service trucks have custom bodies on them because their compartments provide ample storage. If you're hoping to maximize one on your own service truck, then be sure to do these things.

Designate Compartments by Usage

Truck service bodies are an incredible resource that you don't want to just waste by throwing tools in each compartment haphazardly. This approach would create an organizational nightmare that then makes it very difficult to find particular items and tools.

A better way to use these bodies is to designate compartments by usage. Power drill tools and attachments could go in one compartment and then cutting tools could go in another.

It's a simple way to keep tools organized, and finding them later will be quick and convenient. You can even label each compartment so that you know exactly where everything is.

Consider Underbody Solutions

If you have a lot of tools to store in the truck service body, then you can run out of compartments really fast. That's okay because you still have the option of underbody solutions. They let you store tools underneath your vehicle, which may be needed if you've run out of room around the sides and inside the truck bed.

Just make sure these underbody storage solutions are mounted properly on your truck's current service body. You then won't have to stress about the maneuvers you perform in the truck. The underbody solutions will remain in position whatever you do.

Store Items Appropriately

It may sound like common sense, but you need to store items carefully in truck service bodies. Doing whatever you please could cause damage to the body and your items over time.

Start by making sure you don't pack the compartments too much. There should be space for your items to remain in position without causing clutter. Also, make sure the compartments are sized appropriately for your tools.

You don't want to fit something too large because of the added difficulty trying to get it out later. That wastes your time and causes you to exert a lot of energy. 

Truck service bodies open up the storage solutions for work trucks. If your truck has one and you want to maximize its helpfulness, understand what you can do to use storage solution throughout the day. Careful planning will lead to smooth experiences. For more information about creating a custom aluminum truck service body, contact a local service body manufacturer.