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Reducing Costs in Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities

3 Important Mistakes To Avoid When Installing A Water Pump

by Gabe Lawrence

When changing out an old water pump, and installing a new one, you need to make sure you take caution and care with the installation process. When installing a water pump, there are a few things you need to be aware of to ensure the installation process goes as smoothly as possible.

Mistake #1: Bad Coolant

With water pump installation, you need to make sure that you use the right coolant inside of the water pump. Using the wrong coolant or coolant that is contaminated can create improper chemistry inside of your water pump. Improper chemistry can lead to corrosion and internal damage to your water pump.

When installing your new water pump, double-check the type of coolant necessary for the pump. Use a clean funnel to pour the coolant into the pump to keep contaminants from getting into your coolant.

Mistake #2: Poor Belt Installation

One of the most important components when installing a new water pump is the drive belt.

The drive belt is what causes the pump to move and function. The drive pump has to be properly installed on the water pump. If the belt is not put on the tracks correctly, or if it is not aligned correctly, this will cause the motor in the water pump to not work properly.

If the belt is misaligned, your water well may still work, but it can put extra pressure on the water pump and will cause damage down the line to your water pump due to damage on the pulley and shaft.

Mistake #3: Damaged Seal

When you are installing a new water pump, you need to be very careful with installing the seals on the pump. The seals on the pump are what hold together the overall function of your water pump.

When installing the seals, you need to make sure that you use the recommended seal. Don't try to improvise. You also need to make sure you use the recommended sealant. Using the wrong sealant will result in a weak seal that can easily be compromised.

When installing the seals, it is important to allow the full time for the adhesive to fully cure. Rushing the curing process will decrease the stability of the seals.

When it comes to installing a new water pump, make sure you use the recommended coolant and a clean funnel for pouring the coolant into the water pump. Make sure the belt is properly aligned. When installing the seals, always use the recommended seal and adhesive, and allow for the proper curing time. Exercise caution on these elements to ensure your water pump is installed correctly or hire a professional to handle the installation.