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Reducing Costs in Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities

4 Tips For Overhead Crane Rentals To Set Architectural Trusses Quickly And Safely

by Gabe Lawrence

If you have a project that is going to be using trusses in the design, you want to be able to set them in place quickly. To do this, an overhead crane is an essential piece of equipment. Often, there are trained operators available when using a crane, but you also want to have experienced employees, as well as basic training safety for other workers. The following tips will help you with your overhead crane rental to set trusses quickly and keep your project safe:

1. Ordering the Right Overhead Crane for Setting the Trusses on Your Project

There are many different types of cranes that can be used to set trusses in place. You will want to consider the load capacity of the crane, the boom reach, and the height capabilities. In addition, you will need to consider the time it takes to have the crane delivered and set up on your project. You also need to think about the time it takes to move trusses and other materials throughout the duration of the project.

2. Meeting With the Crane Operator to Begin Planning the Project and Discuss Details

Once you have decided on the type, size, and load capacity of the crane you need to set the trusses in place, meet with the operator. You should work closely with the operator to plan the project to ensure everyone knows what needs to be done and how to get the work done quickly and safely.

3. Ensure You Have an Experienced Employee Who Understands Crane Signals and Safety

You will also want to make sure that you have someone who understands the crane signals, dangers, and safety rules for working with an overhead crane. This should be an experienced foreman or other employees that will work closely with the operator and communicate with hand signals, radio, and other forms of communication while the trusses are being set in place.

4. Ensure That All Employees Who Will Be Working Near the Overhead Crane Have Basic Safety Knowledge

It is not only important to have trained personnel to work with the crane, but you also want all your employees that will be working near the crane to have basic safety training. They should understand the basic hand signals used with cranes, know about the dangers of suspended loads, and be aware of problems that cause hazards.

These are some tips to help with crane rentals to set your trusses quickly and safely. If you are getting ready to start setting trusses on your project, contact an overhead crane service like American Equipment Inc to help with planning and basic training for employees that will be working with the crane operator.