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Reducing Costs in Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities

Helpful Protocol When Renting an Overhead Crane

by Gabe Lawrence

If you're working on a temporary project that warrants reaching great heights, you may need to rent an overhead crane. These machines are versatile and powerful. To ensure you have a stress-free rental experience, utilize the following protocol. 

Make Sure Operator Is Familiar With Interior Layout

When you have the rental crane dropped off at your worksite, you want the operator already familiar with the layout on the inside. Then, they can get to work quickly and maximize the time that your company has this crane.

For this to happen, you need to spend time assessing the layout of various rental cranes available from a particular company. It helps to take the operator with you when inspecting the inside of these cranes because their feedback will be crucial in finding an overhead crane that's compatible. Taking this approach will ensure your crane operations run smoothly. 

Assess the Crane's Condition 

Before you temporarily take ownership of this overhead crane, you need to give it a thorough inspection. Only then will you know what condition the crane is in and can thus make the appropriate decisions moving forward.

Take someone who knows a lot about overhead cranes on these inspections. Have them test the overhead cranes out to make sure they have been well taken care of. If there are possible red flags, you can bring them up to the company. They should make a note of these issues and then recommend a different crane for your company to rent out.

Examine the Rental Agreement

Once you find the right overhead crane and have it inspected, it's important to spend time going through the rental agreement. Only then will you know what you're getting yourself into and can thus avoid future confusion.

See how long this crane is to be in your possession. Knowing this will prevent you from keeping the crane longer and then suffering penalty costs. Also, see how much the rental crane company is charging you. If you want, you can take this rate and compare it with other rental companies. Then, you'll know if you're getting a good deal or not. 

Overhead cranes can be rented out for an extended time depending on your particular operations. Just make sure that if you go through this rental process, you know what factors to weigh. Then, you can avoid a lot of issues and ultimately get a high-quality overhead crane.